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Are you thinking about improving the safety of your home? Smart door locks are becoming a big part of securing and upgrading your home. Also known as electronic locks, they provide convenience, security and are easy to use. Once you have decided that you want a smart lock, the next question is: what is the best smart lock?

Your door is an essential feature of your home as it helps protect it from dangers and attempted burglary. Your gate is the barrier that keeps your valuables inside your home and keeps you and your family safe. The doors also serve as entry points to the house and other sections within the House.

Door lever locks

It is a kind of lock that is quite convenient to open, especially when you have hands full of things. The lock comes in a two-piece configuration that has a swivel thumb latch and a lever door handle on the bottom.


Door knob lock is the most common and cheapest entry door lock; it comes in different styles and finishes. The door knob lock when combined with a hasp as a two-piece Configuration Lock, serves well to secure your home. It is an affordable option to close the door.

Electronic deadbolt lock

The electric door lock is one used in this generation; it is smart, convenient and does the job of protecting better than some other type of lock. Most electronic locks do not require keys to unlock; they come with an analog numeric keypad that has buttons where you can enter your pin or a touch screen for the same purpose. Some electronic locks can also be opened through smartphone apps; most of these locks come with a key as an additional security measure.

Closing the door

A door latch is a secondary lock that holds the door in place by attaching the door to the frame with the use of a long chain. The chain is usually in two pieces with one end installed on the door face, and the other end placed on the door frame. The latch can not be picked up, and tie the door to the structure effectively.


The deadbolt lock doesn’t come in fancy appearances, but they do the job of securing your home. The hasp could be a high-end puncture-proof model or economical designs that you could pick up at Your local Store. The hasp lock has a single cylinder lock, and is often re-keyable.

The main purpose of smart locks is to make things easier and safer for you. However, there are other benefits such as remote access to your property and the doors that close behind you.

You want a keyless lock? If your answer is yes, then smart lock technology is right for you. Today we delve into this new technology and analyze its advantages and functions. Let’s see everything you need to make a well-considered choice of a smart door lock.

This results in greater security, versatility and significant simplification. You can customize access to specific rooms in your home and stop using keys. It is a spectacular app for owners, offices and hostels.

Smart locks also notify you of what is happening in your home. Some will even issue an alarm if they are tampered with, so if you are alerted to suspicious movements, you can contact the authorities if you anticipate a threat.

What Is The Best Smart Lock?

There are many models of smart front door locks out there today. Choosing one can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have much knowledge in this area.

But how do you know how to buy the best smart door lock? It’s a question that many people ask themselves.

Responding to this is not as simple as logging into Amazon and filtering the top rated and sold ones. Some features and functions make a smart lock the best on the market.

What should you look for when buying a Smart Lock?

There are many options to consider when deciding to buy and choose a smart lock.


Performance includes easy installation and ongoing support if you encounter a problem.

Once it’s out of the package and installed, it should be easy to use and hassle-free, or else it’s not worth your time or money. In addition to the safety aspect of your home automation, you should also make your life easier.


One brand is everything, customer service, quality, performance and everything in between. Have you ever bought a knock off brand and in the end, ended up regretting the purchase?

When it comes to home security, you can’t afford to work with a cheap model. It’s an investment. And the best brands will be around 2200.


Check the quality and life of the battery, the responsiveness of the application and the physical construction. You should also find out how well it holds in place once it is installed.

Another factor to pay attention to is smart lock reviews and in-depth analysis of the quality of customers who have purchased or used the product.


Price dictates everything. However, for your safety, you’d better choose quality over price. When buying smart locks, price is not a determining factor. Consider encryption or even two-factor authentication and a backup method to unlock.


How long is it made to last? If all goes well, it should last for decades. Whether it’s battery replacement frequency or mechanical or electrical warranty duration, you don’t want to put $150 to 2,200 on a smart lock that fails in a year.


If you are not great at being a do-it-yourselfer, make sure that the smart lock you choose will fit the current dimensions of your lock clipping. Fortunately, sizes are quite standard at many manufacturers, but there are some smart locks that may still require adjustments to your door.


Dimensions play a role in this. Installation of smart locks can take thirty to ninety minutes depending on size and complexity. Even if you are not a true do-it-yourselfer, you can still install most smart locks quite easily.

Upgrade Or Replace Your Smart Door Lock?

Some smart locks allow you to work around your existing hasp, while others are a total replacement.

You can install some smart locks over your existing hasp. This achieves connectivity without the cost of replacing your current deadbolt lock, allowing you to keep your keys as a backup. Many times these are best used in apartments or rental locks.

The best lock for apartments and tenants

However, there are other types of smart locks that are a total replacement of the hasp. You will need little more than a screwdriver and usually no more than 30 minutes when installing a new smart lock. There are also some other factors to consider when doing the installation.

Be careful not to damage any part of the existing Bolt you are removing. In cases where the new Smart Lock doesn’t work properly or you don’t like it for some other reason, you can always replace the old lock. This allows you to return the Smart Lock and, most importantly, remain secured with a bolt on your front door.

Do You Rent Or Own Your Home?

If you own an apartment or house, any changes to your electronic door locks will depend on what your needs are. You may want to grant access codes or view logs of who logged in from anywhere remotely.

Bluetooth Lock Danalock V3

If you are a tenant, you should check with the landlord or their representative before adding a smart lock. Usually, the rental agreement has a stipulation that you agreed not to change the locks.

However, using a retrofit lock, such as the August Smart Lock Pro mentioned above, is a gray area. This does not actually change the lock because it is only installed on the inside of the latch.

It’s just a lock adjustment, but it still allows the owner to access with his key. You are simply adding to the lock that allows you to remotely access or check the status of the lock.

What types of ways can a Smart Lock be accessed?

Although most smart locks can be accessed using a key, the point is not to have to use a key. I installed a smart lock years ago and I couldn’t tell you where the key is now.

It is very convenient to have when leaving the house to go for a run or walk or go to the store and not worry about closing or making sure I have the keys.

There are three main ways to unlock or lock a keyless smart lock, as you will see below.

Fingerprint touch screen: smart locks with touch screens identify your fingerprints like a biometric reader does. Always keep a backup backup code to use in case the system fails.

Keyboard: with button keyboards, you need to enter a numeric code to gain access.

Smartphone access: most of the best electronic locks some kind of protocol that allows you to unlock your door using your phone.

Smart Locks communication protocols

Gone are the days when you had to remember where the keys were or make spare ones. Smart smart locks are here! They make life much more comfortable, safe and easy.

Smart locks use protocols to communicate with other smart devices in your home.

The battery life of Bluetooth locks is longer than that of WiFi locks. When you use your Bluetooth Smart Lock under normal conditions, the battery can last for one year.

Bluetooth locks also integrate seamlessly with your smartphone without the need for a third-party hub. If you need a keyless entry into your smart home, then Bluetooth is a smart choice.

However, BlueTooth does not allow you to access your lock remotely, it will need to be in the BlueTooth range, which is about 40-50 feet.

If you want to access a BlueTooth lock remotely, you will need to purchase a hub that acts as an intermediary between your lock and WiFi and the Internet.

Wi-Fi locks
Closing my front door remotely

Did you know you can connect smart front door locks to your Wi-Fi? If you have WI-FI in your home, choose Wi-Fi locks.

You won’t regret it. I love my Reagle smart bolt. I can access my door lock from anywhere in the world using my home Wi-Fi connection. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

WiFi will reduce battery life faster than using BlueTooth. But not significantly. Under the same operating conditions, the batteries of a BlueTooth Smart Lock can last 1 or 2 months longer than using WiFi.

However, it is a very nice option to have to be able to check the status of the lock, Grant access, check the visitor log, or lock or unlock your smart lock from anywhere you are.

Home automation system locks

More and more homes are being built with or upgraded to home automation systems. The two most popular home automation protocols are Z-Wave and Zigbee. Apple HomeKit is also being used more and more.

Schlage Connect Deadbolt using Zigbee

Using these home automation systems you can get a smart lock that uses Z-Wave or Zigbee and access from anywhere as if you were using WiFi.

The first thing you need to do is connect your smart lock to the smart home automation hub. It will then translate the received signal of your lock.

Most smart locks that interact with a home automation system will connect easily, almost like plug and play.

Home automation systems are restricted and can only reach a range of up to 100 feet. However, you can use up to 4 Extension devices to increase the signal to 150 meters away.

You’ll need to consider your home design so you can budget for accessories if you’re choosing a smart lock to connect to your home automation system.

Smart Lock battery life

The Electronic Smart Lock needs a power supply to work. Therefore, this guide would be incomplete without mentioning batteries.

When talking about smart locks, battery life and how often you have to change them is one of the most frequently asked questions I get.

The battery life depends on the number of times used, the type of batteries(AA, AAA or 9V) and even the time the batteries have been installed. The longer the smart lock is used, the faster the batteries will run out.

Most of these digital locks offer 12 to 20 months of battery life with moderate use, like ten inputs per day.

Most smart locks have an alarm of some kind, either a beep or a flashing light, to alert you when the battery is low. It provides you with enough time to replace the battery.

Or you can check the smart lock app. I can see the battery life of my smart lock in settings in the app. I have been using my smart lock for 3 months and the battery life is 93%.


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