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There are probably several types of hangers in your closet, but do you have the right ones to hold each garment? Each of your prized clothing items needs the right accessory, one that fits your unique construction. There are plenty of options to choose from: contour hangers, concave hangers or straight hangers.

So what types of hangers should you add to your wardrobe? Here are five options you should invest in and why.


Let’s start with your shirts! Prevent slippery countertops and fabrics from slipping off the ends of the hanger by purchasing ones with grooves or rubber-tipped features.

Women’s shirts and blouses almost always have loops to hang, which is where divots come in handy. Even though they seem useless and annoying while you’re wearing your shirt, please don’t cut or remove them! The loops are there to remove pressure from the narrow parts of the garment while hanging.

Thick wooden hangers are a kind of hanger suitable for shirts. They will keep the shape of your necklace and allow the tops to hang naturally without slipping or wrinkling.

For more delicate fabrics such as silk, use velvet hangers, padded or flocked so that the fabric is not ruffled or mishandled.


Wooden hangers are the optimal choice for your pants. They’re tough, don’t bend out of shape, and certain woods like cedar will fight odors and keep insects away (which is perfect for traveling or when in storage!).

When hanging your pants, it is vital that these types of wooden hangers also have bars to prevent your pants from falling off. The thicker the pants bar, the better as it will prevent your pants from wrinkling, which will compromise their shape.


Skirt hangers should always contain clips to keep them in place while minimizing wrinkles. These types of hangers should have rubber coated clips to avoid marking the fabric. If the clips are adjustable, even better!

Just like your shirts, your delicate skirt fabrics like chiffon or silk will need types of padded or velvet hangers.


For Suit Hangers, there are a few things that make sure they are included. Suit jackets hang best on wooden products with fully contoured shoulders that mimic the shape of your coat. It should have large shoulder flares and a built-in felt Pant bar for accompanying pants. Keep those suits together!

Suit Hangers should be wide width, but should not extend beyond the point where the shoulder meets the suit sleeve. For optimal support, the trouser bar should be flocked or felted to avoid wrinkles and creases.


Depending on the style, your outerwear typically has needs very similar to your suit hangers-only without the trouser bars! Heavier layers will need a contoured wooden hanger that matches their shape and will not bend under pressure.

For lighter coats and jackets, flocked hangers are ideal. These types of hangers are covered with soft material, similar to padded hangers, but are shaped like a conventional hanger and have a sturdy construction.

These are ideal for various types of outerwear and heavier garments. Flocked hangers also have a slim profile, making them space efficient and convenient if you store your coats in a coat closet.


Plastic hangers come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors. Plain and large gauge tubular hangers are a great way to add color to your wardrobe and are perfect for T-shirts, polo shirts, casual blouses and even jeans. Be sure to check the quality before purchasing. Many discount retailers sell hangers built with only 34 grams of plastic, compared to the 48 grams of The Container Store. And some have seams that can hook clothes while ours are smooth and seamless. For strappy tops and dresses, look for notched hangers. Hangers with clips work for skirts and pants.

Wooden hangers make a statement in any wardrobe. And just like plastic hangers, they come in a variety of styles for every type of clothes. Thick and curved hangers are best for tailored suits and jackets as well as knitwear and sweaters, robes and evening wear. The curves of these hangers will protect the shape of the garment and give heavier suits and jackets the support they need. Look for notched arms to hang tops and strappy dresses. For skirts, look for wooden hangers with moving clips. Hangers with pants bars or clamps keep pants secure.

Non-slip hangers like our premium velvet hangers are designed to prevent garments from falling off, making them ideal for silky materials or strappy styles. Like plastic and wood hangers, they are specifically designed to hold shirts, pants and skirts.

Metal hangers are not only strong and durable, but also a stylish addition to coat closet, office reception room or guest closet. They are available in a variety of attractive finishes.

Acrylic hangers give your wardrobe the look of a luxury boutique. They come in style to hold everything from coats to skirts.

Available in a variety of sizes and styles, cedar hangers can be used instead of wood or plastic hangers when pests such as moths or moisture are an issue. Cedar is a natural pest repellent and works to absorb excess moisture.

Padded hangers are a great choice for delicate fabrics or evening wear and are available in a variety of attractive colors. Our padded hangers are unique because the padding is wrapped around the hanger, not just at the top. Use padded hangers to pamper special outfits, jackets and even outfits!

Multiple and staggered hangers are ideal for closets where space is premium or where access to contents is limited. They hold multiple garments in a small amount of space.

Standard size adult hangers measure 17-18 inches. Our oversized hangers measure 19 ” wide, giving more support to heavier coats or larger jackets. And our Petite hangers have a special size to fit petite fashions.

The use of hangers designed specifically for children will prolong the life of the clothes. Larger hangers the size of an adult can stretch children’s clothes. Children’s hangers often feature hooks and grooves that are perfect for loops on children’s clothes or for storing accessories.

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