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Eyelash Curler

There are few beauty tools that are as effective immediately as an eyelash curler. Skincare is a long-term investment, and beauty products are successful or failed, but an eyelash curler makes a huge difference instantly. My long but straight eyelashes are barely visible when I look straight at myself in the mirror, but an eyelash curler changes everything, lifting my eyelashes and making my eyes look much wider and more awake than a solid eight hours ever could.

However, not all eyelash curlers are created equally. Some will give you curly lashes or an unflattering right angle curve instead of the natural and glamorous swoop we all crave. That’s why The Good Housekeeping Institute gathered the best eyelash curlers on the market that will effortlessly curl eyelashes and widen eyes, no matter The Shape of the eyes or the length of the eyelashes.

“There are few things I look for in the perfect eyelash curler,” says Patrick Ta, famous makeup artist and creator of the makeup line of the same name. “A wide opening to reach every lash, a curling iron that sits comfortably on my clients’ lash lines in almond shape and durability.”Before we show you the amazing tools that fit the law, here’s everything you need to know about eyelash curlers:

Are eyelash curlers harmful?

“Eyelash curlers, when used correctly, do not harm,” says Katey Denno, famous makeup artist. “A slight pulling sensation at the roots of the eyelashes is normal; the pain is not.”Be sure to keep your hand still when curling so as not to pull out the eyelashes, and clean your curling iron with alcohol between uses. Our experts recommend using an eyelash curler before applying mascara, as mascara can stick to the tool, putting the eyelashes at an increased risk of getting stuck, pulled or broken.

How often should you replace your eyelash curler?

“The pad should be changed after 6 months with daily use,” says Denno. Otherwise, the pad may lose its density or gain a crest of repeated use that will make the curler less effective.

Let’s face it: there is nothing like the appearance of curly eyelashes. If this is a beauty look you haven’t mastered yet, then you might want to consider adding an eyelash curler to your makeup bag. We know what you’re thinking: do eyelash curlers really make a difference? Yes, they do! It’s about knowing the right way to use one.

The thing is, if you’ve never learned how to use an eyelash curler before, you may not be sure how to incorporate one into your daily makeup look. The good news is that an eyelash curler is quite easy to use. Below, we reveal trade secrets on how to curl eyelashes and improve your eye makeup routine.


While some people may choose to break their eyelash curler after having swept one or two layers of mascara, it is best to start with clean, bare eyelashes. This is because curly eyelashes that are already coated with mascara can leave you with a crispy and dirty curling iron, making it more difficult to use. Since we are sure that we all agree that it is a situation worth avoiding, remove any eye makeup you can use before grabbing your eyelash curler.

Simply hold a cotton pad soaked in Purifying Micellar Water, such as L’oréal Paris Micellar Water full Cleanser, waterproof for all skin types, over your eyelids for a few seconds, then wipe to remove any eye makeup that may be lingering on your eyelashes. Micellar water is a convenient cleaning option, as it does not require any rinsing.

Editor’s note: Do you somehow always seem to end up with makeup on your eyelash curler? Once again, your micellar water can help you! Give your curling iron a quick clean, and it should be like New.


OK, now you’re ready to pick up your eyelash curler! Here’s how to use it: start by holding the eyelash curler up to the eye. While your eye is open, open the curling iron. Place the eyelashes between the clamps, getting as close as possible to the base of the eyelashes without pinching the eyelid. Close the eyelash clip and hold for a few seconds. After releasing, walk the eyelash curler and repeat once in the middle of the eyelashes and once at the tips for a full curl. Easy, right?


If you are going to look for a look without makeup, makeup, do not hesitate to skip this step. Otherwise, you’ll want to apply eye shadow and eyeliner before mascara, or you could end up with shadow-covered eyelashes, and that will only add more time to your makeup routine. Apply a neutral shade from L’oréal Paris Colour Riche Monos eyeshadow collection to your eyelids, then use L’oréal Paris Le Liner’s Easy-Glide mechanical eyeliner, waterproof in black cashmere for an invisible eyeliner effect. This technique, called tightlining, is performed by gently pulling up the eyelid and lining directly into the upper waterline.


Obviously, this tutorial is all about eyelashes, which means you’ll want to use an eyelash primer. Trust us, adding this extra step to your makeup routine is really worth it. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered how to keep your eyelashes Curly, a quick coat of primer can help your eyelashes keep their curl for much longer. Not only that, but a single layer of the primer/Base of the L’oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise ™ mask can help the mask be applied more smoothly and increase its effects.


You knew this was coming, it’s mascara time. Try the L’oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise ™ washable mask . Place the brush at the base of your lashes, then gently sweep to the tip, making sure to completely cover your lashes and cover any visible roses that leave the primer. For an additional increase in boldness, brush an additional layer.


Your cheeks are not the only place that can benefit from getting your shine. Apply a light, frosty eye shadow, like L’oréal Paris ‘ Brilliant Eyes Shimmer liquid eyeshadow makeup in pearl chain, to the inner corners of your eyes and under your eyebrows to open up the look of your eyes.

If you have ever wondered if eyelash curlers are bad for your eyelashes, the answer is that they are not, if you use them correctly. Now that you know how to curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler, let’s go over how not to use an eyelash curler so you can make sure you do not damage the fringe of your eyelashes.


Eyelash curlers should be cleaned, just like your makeup brushes. Neglecting to clean your curling iron can lead to an eye infection, so be sure to add your eyelash curler to your list of makeup tools that need to be cleaned. Wash it with soap and water to leave a clean, blank slate.


Do you use an eyelash curler before or after mascara? Well, we have already touched on this, but always curl the eyelashes before applying mascara, not after. Not only can work in the opposite order lead to a dirty eyelash curler, but curling afterwards can crack your eyelashes in the process, as mascara makes your eyelashes stiffer. This is why eyelash curlers can sometimes have a reputation for being bad for your eyelashes.


Most of the time, people forget not only to hold their eyelash curler over their eyelashes, but to gradually work the curler upwards. This will give your eyelashes an instant lift along with a little curl, not to mention that it will keep your eyelashes curly longer.


In general, eyelash curlers are not the kind of product that you can keep forever and never replace. Over time, the pads that help curl the eyelashes wear out, and you will notice that your curl is not so pleasant. You can purchase replacement pads for some eyelash curlers so you can keep your curling iron long term, while others might require the purchase of a brand new eyelash curler.

Ready to use your new eyelash curler knowledge? After learning how to use an eyelash curler, we recommend you follow our tutorial on how to contour your eyelashes. This eye makeup trend consists of curling the eyelashes, sliding over the primer and applying blue mascara on the upper eyelashes and black mascara on the lower eyelashes. How pretty!

When you want to draw attention to your eyes, having full and fluttering eyelashes definitely helps. If your mascara doesn’t give you the beautiful lashes you’re looking for, combining it with an eyelash curler may be the answer. A hot eyelash curler is a useful tool because it uses heat to gently curl the eyelashes and give it a wider look. The heat of a curling iron also helps to block the curl, so your eyelashes look great all day.

Take a look at our shopping guide to learn more about the different types of hot eyelash curlers and the features that can make a hot Eyelash Curler easier to use. Our top choice of Acavado heats up in less than 10 seconds and requires only one or two passes to give you perfectly curly lashes.

Clamp vs wand

A clamp-on Heated Eyelash Curler resembles a regular non-heated eyelash curler: the end of the curling iron features a clamp that you close over your upper lashes. Both sides of the clamp are heated to help curl eyelashes, so you don’t need to use as much pressure as you would with an unheated clamp style curling iron.

A wand-heated eyelash curler features a comb head on the end of a wand. When the comb warms up, you pass it through the eyelashes, using it to hold them and create a curl. A wand-heated curling iron is even softer than a clamp model because you don’t have to put any pressure on your lashes, making it a safer option if you have brittle lashes.

Battery vs rechargeable

A hot Eyelash Curler requires a power source to generate its heat. Some models use traditional AA or AAA batteries, while others have a rechargeable battery that is usually recharged with a USB cable. Both types can be heated effectively, but many users prefer a rechargeable option because you never have to buy replacement batteries.


Temperature options

Many heated eyelash curlers only heat up to a single temperature: as soon as you turn on the curling iron, it heats up to a specific temperature that you can not adjust. Some models have multiple temperature options, so you can choose a temperature setting. Most heated eyelash curlers with temperature options have low and high settings, allowing you to use the least amount of heat needed to curl eyelashes to further limit damage.

Alert list

It can take five to 60 seconds for a hot eyelash curler to warm up completely for use. Instead of guessing when your curling iron is ready, some models have an alert light that lights up when the curling iron has fully warmed up and is ready to curl your eyelashes.

LED light

It can be difficult to see well enough to successfully curl eyelashes, so some hot eyelash curlers feature an LED light at the end. The light allows you to see your eyelashes more clearly, making it easier to curl them.

Q. will a hot Eyelash Curler damage my eyelashes?

A. because it uses heat, a hot eyelash curler may dry the eyelashes and make them brittle. Daily use of an eyelash serum to moisturize eyelashes can help limit damage.

Q. Can I curl my eyelashes with a hot curling iron after applying mascara?

A. When you are using a hot Eyelash Curler, it is actually recommended that you apply mascara first. The mask helps to lock the heated curl in place. If your mask builds up, a heated wand-style curling iron with a comb can help you remove lumps.

Although we try to pretend with luxurious masks and imitation sets, nothing beats the revealing benefits of a good eyelash curler. Sometimes we forget about the eyelash tool, which can look metallic and intimidating alongside the super soft brush sets and the fluffy disposable makeup sponge bags, but this is such an essential product for all professional kits and Morning Makeup Routines. If choosing a curling iron makes you frown, let us help you review your options. Your eyelashes will thank you.


Contrary to popular belief, eyelash curlers will not tear off all your eyelashes, even if you prefer to apply mascara first (although we do not recommend it). Realistically, you can lose one or two eyelashes here and there with regular curling, but this is normal. If your curling iron pinches or pulls when you use it, it may not be the best choice for your particular eyelashes.


Everyone’s eyelashes are different. A curling iron that works great on your friend’s smaller eyes can feel uncomfortable on your longer eyelids. Consider both The Shape of your eyes and the length of your eyelashes when choosing a curling iron. Look for long clamps that curl along the lash line to make sure you don’t miss a curl!


If your eyelashes are especially short, you could benefit more from a less curved curler like Shiseido’s. A flatter clamp will make it easier to approach the lash line without having to maneuver the curling iron at strange angles, which can cause stress to small hairs. A tip curling iron (such as shu Uemura mini eyelash curler) is flat and designed to curl small, hard-to-reach inner eyelashes, so it could also be a good choice for short eyelashes.


If you’re serious about eyelash curling, an electric curling iron can be a great choice for a high-power curve that lasts all day. The design is often clumsier than ordinary metal curlers, and the idea of putting something hot close to the eyes is enough to make most of us feel a little uncomfortable. Before you remove the idea, you should know that most electric curlers do not heat up enough to burn you, and the heat level will not harm your eyelashes either.


Take advice from professionals and heat a regular metal curling iron with a hair dryer for a few seconds before use. It works just as well as an electric model, but for a fraction of the price. Of course, on a frantic morning you may find yourself wishing you had splurged…


Despite the fact that there are hundreds of high-tech and fantasy curlers waiting for a home in your makeup bag, sometimes the best option is the simplest. The good DIY metal clamping curling iron is undoubtedly the easiest choice to find and easy to use.

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