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People don’t think about shower curtains very often, at least until it’s time to replace one. While a high quality shower curtain that is well made and washable can last for years, the truth is that, over time, mold and mildew build up in the curtain of all the moisture in the bathroom. All shower curtains need to be replaced at some point, the difference lies in how long the curtain lasts before the replacement is needed. There are actually three parts to the shower curtain.

When buying a shower curtain, buyers should look for a durable and well-made piece with a design that fits their budget and bathroom decor. Choosing the right model, the owner can enjoy the shower curtain for a long time.

Fortunately, most bathtubs are standard size and most shower curtains are made to match these dimensions. What that means is that there really isn’t much measurement involved for you. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here’s everything you need to know to make the right call for your space.

It’s All About Height

A standard-sized bathtub (or near it) and a standard-sized shower curtain go hand in hand like a hot dog and his bun. However, one measure you want to make sure you are right is the height of hanging the curtain rod (if you are the one who has to hang).

Shower curtains should be hung at the right height so that they are effective and aesthetically attractive. If you start with the bar too high, the water will come out of the bottom. If it is too low, the curtain will crawl on the floor and make your room feel very short.

With a standard curtain length of about 74″, it is safe to hang your curtain rod anywhere from 3 “to 5” above that. For those of us who are bad at math, it puts your curtain rod somewhere between 77 “to 79″ off the ground.

Which means if you’re buying a shower curtain and you’re not sure about the length, measure the distance from the curtain rod to the floor, make sure you have 3″ to 5” of room to maneuver from the length of the curtain.

Colors and treatments

Curtain liners are often sold in light colors. Since they are placed behind the shower curtain itself, there is no reason for them to be colored for privacy. However, we carry basic colored coatings for those who like a colorful bathroom. Coatings can also be treated to resist mold and fungus. Treated coatings are usually marketed as heavy-duty hotel/hospital coatings or mildew-resistant coatings.

Weights and magnets

Some shower curtain liners tend to ripple when hot shower steam builds up in the bathroom. This can cause the liner to change position or even crowd the bather. To avoid this, some shower liners come with weights or magnets sewn into the bottom. This keeps the shower curtain liner hanging straight, and allows the liner to extend along the entire length of the shower.

Shower curtains

The second part of the shower curtain system is the curtain itself. It is located outside the bathtub and should not be directly exposed to water. This allows the shower curtain to be made of a greater variety of fabrics than a lining. While plastic vinyl shower curtains are the least expensive, buyers can also select from high-end designers like Kassatex or Heritage Lace that offer cotton or lace shower curtains. When choosing the fabric to use for a shower curtain, consider how easy it is to clean. Plastic, polyester and cotton can be machine washed, although plastic should be washed in cold water and dried in delicate environments. Be sure to review the manufacturer’s instructions before selecting a shower curtain.

Shower curtain details

The best way to determine if a shower curtain is a superior product that will last for years is to examine the details. The weave around the eyelets, the line of holes at the top of the curtain for the shower rings, should be incredibly tight. The edges of a fabric curtain should be hemmed well without visible fraying. Also, consider the size of the shower area. Most shower and bath combination accessories are between 5 and 6 feet wide, and the shower curtain usually hangs 6 feet above the floor. This means that most homeowners should be fine buying a shower curtain that is 70 inches long by 72 inches wide, the most common size. However, if the owner has a particularly long bathtub or uses a curved shower rod, or even a walk-in shower, then a special size is needed.

Colors and patterns

Shower curtains come in all kinds of colors and patterns. Plastic curtains are brightly colored, or have images or designs printed on the plastic. Easy maintenance and bright colors make plastic curtains a great choice for a child’s bathroom. Those who want a more formal bathroom often choose fabric curtains. While these curtains can come in many different colors, they also include woven patterns. Some of the most elegant shower curtains even have lace edges around the edge. Choose a color or pattern that matches the decor of the bathroom.

Shower rings and hooks

Shower curtain rings have an important job to do as they hold both the liner and the curtain in place. Each of the Rings is attached to the eyelets on the curtain and lining and then wrapped around the shower rod. This allows the rings to slide back and forth on the shower bar so users can easily open and close the curtain. Shower rings are made of metal or plastic, and a good rule of thumb is to select rings that match the shower rod. A metal rod should have metal shower rings, while a plastic rod should use plastic shower rings. Many rings also include designs on their edges that are intended to add to the bathroom decor. For example, a tropical-themed bathroom may have a shower curtain with palm tree patterns on its front highlighted by shower rings that look like palm trees. A shell bathroom can have shell shower rings. The combinations are endless, allowing owners to decorate their bathroom exactly as they want.

Cleaning a shower curtain

Shower curtains should be cleaned if they are going to last a long time. While bathroom moisture will eventually mark the end of a shower curtain, there are several easy cleaning tips to help keep the curtain and coating mold free for as long as possible. First, buy a bath / shower spray that is used to clean the tiles and spray it on the coating while cleaning the shower. Do not use this cleaning spray on the shower curtain itself, however, unless it is made of plastic, as the chemicals in the shower spray will discolor the fabric. Wash the curtain and lining periodically to keep them clean. Remember not to wash a plastic curtain with hot water or dry it over high heat. Do not wait for mold to appear before deciding on curtain cleaning, as being proactive is the best way to get rid of mold and mildew. Once the curtain is permanently discolored, and no amount of cleaning removes mold stains, then it’s time to pull the curtain and buy a new one.

Buying a shower curtain is a necessary part of decorating a bathroom, but choosing the right one does not have to be boring. In fact, shower curtains come in so many different styles and patterns that finding the right one can be an adventure in itself. Altmeyer has one of the largest selections of shower curtains around, and customers are sure to find an offer on at least some listings. Buyers should be careful that they are buying the right type of shower curtain. Linings are used inside the shower, while curtains are placed outside. Shower rings are decorative pieces that are used to hold the curtain. These parts can be purchased in a set or purchased separately. Choose a high-quality shower curtain that is durable enough to last for years and has an attractive print that matches the rest of the decor in the bathroom.

Choosing the right shower curtain for your space starts to get tricky (and fun) when you get to start thinking about your options in pattern, color and design.

Light or neutral colors tend to make your space feel larger than dark colors. This is a useful design tip that can direct your search, or be thrown out the window when you decide to use your shower curtain as an opportunity to make a splash with a splash of color.

Choose a minimalist look with a single full solid color or choose a more graphic pattern. Add something with a contemporary quirk, a dash of humor, or a more sophisticated appeal.

Your shower curtain doesn’t have to match your bath mats or to your towels perfectly, but it’s good if they pull the same color palette as it helps give your bathroom a more cohesive look. If you don’t want to use these accent pieces as a color base, combine your shower curtain with your walls, floors, sink and countertop. If that seems even worse than the first suggestion, then you do it. Use your shower curtain as a statement piece and make a statement with any design that speaks to you.

The best part about shower curtains is that they are impermanent, which means that just like a carpet, they can be changed on a whim or kept for a while. Find a design you like, but don’t be afraid to mix it up when you feel like it.

Take a look at the benefits of each type to help you decide which one will work best for you.

#Cotton-a popular choice when it comes to choosing accessories for your bathroom, cotton shower curtains are a real classic. Cotton adds a unique design feel to your bathroom and is super easy to care for. Cotton shower curtains are available in many different colors and prints, as well as a variety of styles to suit your decor preference, whether casual, modern, classic or even retro.
Decorative: if your bathroom needs a new theme or decor, decorative shower curtains are a great choice to add plenty of style to your space. Designer decorative curtains are usually made with high quality fabrics such as rayon and silk and also often have decorations or ornaments sewn by hand. These curtains are as useful as they are pretty! Simply combine your beautiful decorative curtains with a waterproof shower liner for perfect coverage.
Vinyl – a popular low cost and easy to maintain choice, vinyl shower curtains come in a wide variety of different prints, colors, patterns and styles. Vinyl material is a natural water repellent, which means there are fewer problems to deal with when it comes to mold and fungus. While not as stylish and elegant as cotton shower curtains or other fabrics, vinyl curtains are definitely the most affordable and easy to care for.
Hookless curtains: perfect for contemporary homes with ceiling track curtain rods, hookless shower curtains are created with built-in eyelets so they can easily slide over your shower curtain rod, no need for curtain rings. This modern style of shower curtains often have built-in coatings and come in unique patterns and colors.
Microfiber – easy to care for and ultra soft microfiber shower curtains are a great choice for your home. Microfiber works well to absorb moisture and evaporates quickly, keeping mold at bay. The weight of the microfiber fabric is much heavier than typical light shower curtains, so this makes them especially stable when you have a higher water pressure or have a vent in your bathroom that could move the curtains while bathing.
Extra wide curtains: these oversized shower curtains are extremely useful if you have a custom or fit shower or tub. These wider curtains also work well for hanging shower rods like the type of ceiling track that hangs over the tub. These larger curtains also give great coverage around your tub to prevent wet floors and bath mats.


While not absolutely necessary, it is a good idea to use a curtain liner when using certain types of shower curtains in your home. For example, since cotton quickly absorbs moisture, it makes sense to pair your cotton shower curtain with a vinyl or polyester lining to help reduce mold and fungus. Linings also work well with decorative curtains that are often not water resistant, as well as other types of synthetic shower curtains, including nylon and polyester.

Traditional shower curtains are usually hung through rings that slide through the “button holes” in your design shower curtain. You can choose rings to match the theme or decoration of your bathroom, which will be needed to hang the curtain on the shower bar. Modern decor trends have given us ceiling-track hanging curtain rods, which are used with hookless shower curtains that are made with large built-in eyelets, no need for curtain rings. Simply slide the curtain rod through the eyelet holes to hang your design curtain.

How to wash the shower curtain and other Care Tips

Since your shower curtain is exposed to water on a daily basis, it requires you to take proper care of it to maintain freshness and longevity. Here are some tips on how to properly wash and maintain shower curtains in your home.

Let them dry – it is important to let your curtain dry completely between each bath or shower. After bathing, open the shower curtain and drop it out of the tub to dry faster. Using the fan in your bathroom to reduce moisture also helps with faster drying.
Wash regularly: it is suggested to wash the shower curtain once a month to keep it fresh and mildew-free. We recommend that you follow the care instructions provided on the label. If there are no instructions, we find that most fabric curtains, are fine to machine wash with cold water and a mild detergent. Le Blanc Linen Wash has a neutral pH balance that makes the detergent safe to use with 100% cotton curtains, such as those in Peacock Alley’s collection of luxury shower curtains. Use a very low cycle in the dryer or on the drying line to avoid major shrinkage.
Removing stubborn stains: to remove mold buildup or stubborn stains on shower curtains, spray stains (while the curtain is hanging) with your favorite stain remover. Let stand for 30 minutes, then clean with a brush and rinse.
Rotate your shower curtains every month-the best way to make sure you have a fresh and clean shower curtain is to rotate it every month. This requires that you have two shower curtains for each bathroom. When you take one curtain down, the other curtain can be hung in the bathroom while you wash and dry the dirty for use next month. If you rotate your curtains on a monthly basis, you are guaranteed to have a fresh and clean shower curtain for every use!

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