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Hair Straightener

We all know that shiny and elegant straight hair could not be achieved without a hair straightener. So if this is your first time looking for a new one and wondering what kind of this hair tool works perfectly on your hair.

Investing in a good hair straightener can save you a lot of money in the long run. The right hair straightener will deliver everything you love about visiting your hair salon, without the ongoing costs or inconvenience. The best-performing hair straighteners will quickly heat up, protect your hair from unnecessary damage, be easy to use, and give you that straight, frizz-free look you’re looking for.

Types of plates

Ceramic plates: excellent all-purpose ceramic straighteners offer value and effectiveness and are suitable for almost all hair textures.

Titanium plates-quickly heat up and are effective for thick and curly hair.

Tourmaline plates, also called Ionic plates, are good if you have damaged hair and produce more negative ions than positive ions, designed to reduce static and result in less frizz.


Most Hair Straighteners Available on the market are “tong” style, also known as” flat irons”, which are highly effective and easy to use. Less common are straightening brushes, such as the Remington Straightening Brush, which also work well. The Remington straightener brush, for example, makes use of anti-static technology to keep curly hair under control, while the bristles leave hair with a silky-smooth finish and increased volume.


Many hair straighteners offer functions beyond hair straightening, even acting as a curler to create curls, waves, curly waves and bobs. The Philips Straightcare Sublime Ends straightener is a straightener designed with a special tip to create curls, waves and bouncy styles. Especially great when traveling, you can be freed from carrying a variety of different hair styling tools.

Width of plates

The plates of hair straighteners can vary in width from narrow to wide plates, so you may want to consider your hair type when selecting which straightener to buy. The following are useful guidelines, but not necessarily rules.

Short hair-2.5 cm-3cm wide plates

Short and medium hair – plates width 3cm-4cm

Long thick hair-plates 6 cm wide

3 Things You Should Know Before Buying
Fact # 1: Curlers

Curlers can give you tight curls to soften the waves. Knowing which model to choose for your locks requires you to consider the following essentials.

Barrel size. The size of the barrel where the hair is wound affects the type of curl you can create. The larger the barrel, the larger the curl. For full, bouncy curls, get an iron with a 2-inch diameter barrel if you have long hair, and a 1-inch diameter barrel if you have short hair. The size of the barrel varies depending on the length of the hair, because you need to wrap the portion of hair you want to wind around the barrel at least 1½ times. For narrow curls and spirals, use a 1/3 to 3/4 inch diameter iron.

Handle / clip type. Spring handles are the most common type. These allow you to easily capture your hair and hold it in place with a clip. Clip-free irons require you to wind your hair around the barrel and hold it.

Material. Today’s curlers come in three main materials, and each has its advantages. Ceramic distributes heat well and infuses moisture into the hair through negative ions. Tourmaline is a step above ceramics. It emits six times more negative ions, leading to softer, silky hair. Titanium is durable and distributes heat well. It has a smooth, slippery surface that makes it easy to wrap and curl hair.

Fact # 2: Hair Straighteners

Also known as flat irons, hair straighteners flatten frizz and create softer strands. Consider the following components when choosing the ideal iron for your hair.

Temperature Control: if your hair is thin and thin, it can be damaged by high heat, so you want the ability to lower the temperature. Thick, thick hair requires increased heat. Digital plates do a good job of distributing the right amount of heat.

Size: the dimensions of your iron will depend on the length of your hair and the portion you want to straighten. Flat irons that are thin and small are best used on short hair, including bangs, while thick and long hair requires a wide iron.

Materials: ceramic plates are able to reach high temperatures quickly and distribute heat well. Durable titanium also heats up quickly and keeps the heat even. And tourmaline, which is made of precious stones, does a good job of keeping the heat high. Because it is a natural material, it emits negative ions that dry the hair from the inside out, leading to straighter hair.

Fact # 3: Hair Fixers

Also known as hot rollers, hair fixers allow you to quickly and easily apply curls to the entire head at once. Consider the following aspects when choosing the best setter for your hair.

Roller size: the size of the rollers affects the size of your curl. Use smaller rollers for short hair, and larger rollers for longer hair. The only exception to this rule would be if you have short hair but want especially loose curls, in which case you need to choose a large roller. Many hair fixers come with rollers in various sizes.

Roller shape: while many hair fixers feature traditional round rollers, some have geometric patterns, such as triangular shapes that create a distinctive look.

Heat settings: opt for a hair setter with different heat settings and vaporization capacity, preventing hair from overdrying. Ceramic hair fixatives often feature adjustable settings.

Tips for buying a hair straightener
Get perfectly straight hair without leaving home by buying your own hair straightener. Here are some features to consider when choosing the best hair straightener for you.

Types of hair straighteners

Ceramic hair straighteners: a ceramic straightener uses ceramic plates that heat evenly, without creating hot spots that can burn the hair. Seals cuticles and retains moisture for a shiny, frizz-free look.

Tourmaline hair straighteners: a tourmaline flat iron has plates made of crushed gemstones that produce negatively charged ions that close the hair cuticle, seal moisture and remove static without causing hair to become dry or brittle.

Infrared Hair Straighteners: an infrared flat iron uses ultraviolet rays to soften and relax the hair with minimal damage to the hair follicles.

Ionic hair straighteners: a flat Ionic straightener creates negatively charged ions to neutralize hair strands, leaving hair smooth and static-free.

Additional features of the hair straightener:

Consider purchasing a straightening iron that has some additional features for convenience:

Heat timer: flat irons differ in the time they take to heat up.
Temperature Control: many flat irons feature custom heat control.
Wet to smooth: uses a steam function that allows damp, towel-dried hair to smooth without drying.
Auto power off: the auto power off function will turn off your hair straightener after a set period to prevent overheating.
Wireless: a wireless hair straightener is great for traveling and for styling on the run.

Factors to consider when buying a hair straightener

Before buying, consider some key factors to help choose the best flat iron for your hair:

Hair type: consider the natural texture of your hair. Thick, thick hair requires high temperature adjustments. A hair straightener that features temperature control is a better choice for fine, naturally smooth hair as it can be easily damaged at higher temperatures.

Right size: choosing the right size flat iron depends on your hair length. Smaller irons are best for short hair, while wider Irons can cover more surface area and are more suitable for longer hair.

Built-in features: some hair straighteners come with specific features for certain hair types. For example, a built-in comb for unruly curls.


Some hair accessories can help protect your hair and make straightening a little easier.

Heat Protection Spray: heat protection products prevent heat damage, add shine and help control frizz.
Heat prevention mat: provides a safe place to rest the hair straightener while in use.
Spring Clips: also known as alligator or alligator clips, these help keep sections of hair in place while straightening, making the process less complicated and producing better results.

Taking a moment to consider your hair type and what features you want in a flat iron will help you choose the best hair straightener for you. The right hair care tool makes it easy to get that beautiful and stylish look without an expensive trip to the salon.

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