The Best Bidet Toilet Seat or Washlet


Bidets are toilet accessories that are built to last for years. However, Barker recommends reviewing the materials used to see how durable it would be. “High-quality plastics last longer than laminated wood seats, as they do not accumulate moisture,” he says. Keep in mind, he adds, that ” expensive materials don’t necessarily mean they’re stronger.”


“Buying a bidet is almost the same as buying a dishwasher or washing machine, as you will use it every day,” Barker says. “A bidet may require you to spend a considerable amount of money at first; however, the savings you will incur are much larger than your initial expenses.”

A bidet seat replaces your existing toilet seat, joining the bowl. Draws water from the toilet supply line and electricity from a nearby outlet. At the push of a button on a remote control, a wand extends beneath you and trains a flow of water fed by an electric pump to clean your underparts. Some bidet seats have stylish options, such as seat heaters.

There is also a simpler bidet option-a bidet accessory. It simply mounts between the ring of your existing toilet seat and the cup and requires no electricity (which in most cases means you won’t get hot water).

The bidet has come a long way since it was first popularized among the French aristocracy of the seventeenth century. You can still find the classic porcelain sink that looks like a seatless toilet, but sprays clean water, providing a rinse for your backside.

A bidet that is a freestanding ceramic accessory requires you to remodel and reposition your bathroom to install it. You can also buy a toilet with a built-in bidet and hire a plumber to install it, or buy a bidet seat or accessory and install it yourself. By far the easiest and least expensive way to bring a bidet into your life is with a bidet seat or accessory.

The main benefit of tout manufacturers for bidets is an easier cleaning experience than cleaning.

Kohler, the Wisconsin-based manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom accessories, reported an eight-fold increase in sales of bidet seats last March compared to the same time last year. Tushy, a startup that offers bidet attachments and is based in Brooklyn, New York, says its sales more than doubled last year.

Toto, one of the largest bidet operators, is based in Japan and has seen rapid growth in customer demand across a wide range of revenue streams.

“Consumers are expressing their opinion about ecommerce and social media with words of love,” says Bill Strang, president of operations and ecommerce at Toto USA. “It’s better than a TV commercial.”

To find out how consumers like the bidet seats they have purchased, Consumer Reports recently conducted a study of bidet users, in which panelists gave us their honest feedback on the best bidets.

For most, the use of a bidet has been overwhelmingly positive. But people also told us what they wish they had known before deciding on the model they bought, for example, whether the bidet was easy to install, whether it was easy to clean, and whether it can heat your butt. “I would like to know about features like hot air drying,” said one user. “I didn’t know this was a thing until I visited Japan last year.”

We include some ideas from them below, where you will find the key factors to consider when buying a bidet seat or accessory. CR members with digital access can also read on to see a selection of top-notch toilets.

A tip in advance: even though a bidet can reduce the need for toilet paper, it’s still a good idea to dry after using one. This protects the skin in potentially sensitive areas from problems associated with excessive moisture, says Allen P. Chudzinski, MD, a colon and rectum surgeon who is a member of the American College of Surgeons and the American Society of colon and rectum surgeons.

Cleaning: many bidet seats and accessories have a “self-cleaning” nozzle, which runs water over the water nozzle to rinse it after you have finished spraying your butt. But he and the rest of his seat or accessory still need regular cleaning on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You should definitely not bleach it, but you will have to clean it with a mild detergent regularly and clean any sediment between the water supply and the filter.

And the toilet paper? Some manufacturers, such as Tushy, claim that their bidet seats result in less toilet paper waste and water use. And several panelists from our study of bidet users found that they used much less toilet paper. “I would estimate that our toilet paper consumption has been halved,” said one user. “And I have less anxiety about toilet paper.”Some respondents found that they used up to 80 percent less TP. You probably still need to use some squares to dry.

Features of the bidet

Seats tend to cost hundreds of dollars, and usually, the more features and more customizable they are, the more you will have to pay. Most come standard with an adjustable nozzle, a seat heater and adjustable water temperature, all operated by a built-in control panel. Here are other features you can find in a bidet seat that will normally pay more.

Automatic open/closed lid: some high-end models have a seat lid that automatically lifts when you approach it, then closes when you leave the bathroom.
Body Sensor: manufacturers use a variety of sensors to automatically turn the seat on and off. For example, some models Brondell and Bio Bidet detect when human skin comes into contact with the seat, while Toto uses a weight sensor.
Control panel night light: this is especially useful to see all the functions of your remote control or control panel if you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and do not want to turn on the light to see.
Oscillating Spray: the water nozzle moves back and forth to spray a wider cleaning area.
One-button operation: many models have buttons on the remote control to adjust the temperature, water pressure, water direction and other functions. Some models also have a one-button option that washes and Dries for a set time at a set temperature, a shortcut to select each setting each time. It is also useful for guests who have not had a tutorial.
Remote Control: bidet toilet seats can be controlled by a small panel on the side of the unit, by remote control or both. Some people prefer a remote control because they don’t need to turn and look down on the seat control panel.
Tankless water heater: most bidet toilet seats are equipped with mini water tanks that heat and store water until it is needed. Tankless bidet seats heat water on demand, which means they can provide unlimited warm dew. (Tank models can run out of hot water in less than a minute, but that’s enough time for most users.) Tankless models also usually have a more simplified pro file that some consumers prefer.
User presets: if you have multiple people in your home, a user preset allows each person to set their preferred cleaning preferences, including water temperature, pressure, and spray position. It’s like having a one-button operation (see above) for multiple people’s preferences. A panelist in our bidet review shared how she wished she had opted for this feature in her bidet: “I don’t like that I can’t save the seat settings, as I have to change the settings every time someone else uses it.”
Hot air drying-this is usually found only on expensive top-line models, and it is a kind of bathroom hand dryer for your butt.

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