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As a homeowner in California, I have been very water conscious in recent years. With droughts that seem to occur every year, dealing with water restrictions has been a telling experience for me. I know that our state (and our world) is not remotely “out of danger” when it comes to protecting our resources.

We all have to do everything we can to preserve water, and new technology is making it easier than ever. Smart sprinklers offer a real solution to prevent outdoor water waste, giving users a great level of control and making it easy to remotely manage their sprinkler systems. These devices save you water, time and money.

Spending time outdoors is important to me. I work from home and am often inside for long periods during the day, so a little excuse to get some sun is important to me. Because of this, I do a lot of gardening, which is good for my personal happiness, as well as for the environment, because plants provide oxygen and sustainability. To keep my garden watered while remaining aware of drought-safe methods, I spent some time researching smart sprinklers on the market today. Check out the best discoveries I made in this article, chosen based on excellent reviews and exciting smart technology innovation.

What is a smart sprinkler?

A smart sprayer is like a traditional sprayer, but it can be managed much more efficiently by using mobile apps. Many of these devices respond to weather and daylight changes, which helps you make the sprinkler program as cost-effective as possible.

Why you need a smart sprayer

Smart sprinklers will exponentially simplify the maintenance of your yard. In fact, once you’ve set up these products, you’ll probably never have to think about your watering schedule again. You will save time, money, and your plants will be healthy and happy!

How to install a smart Spinkler

Smart sprinkler systems, like most smart products, were designed so that even beginners could easily install them. These systems often require some labor, digging space for the sprinklers themselves, and a bit of strategic planning to determine the best places in your yard for the sprinkler heads. Once the physical part of the installation has been completed, setting up mobile apps is as simple as interacting with any other app on your phone!

Why should I trust ideaing?

Since 2013, our team at ideaing has extensive technology experience, from electrical engineering to product managers in Fortune 500 companies. We pride ourselves on providing a truly objective incentive in our reviews and recommendations. Our panel of product experts spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing and testing products. After our extensive research on over 40 of the best smart sprinkler systems on the market, here are our top 6 picks for most people.

Standards that smart sprinkler should have

1. Automatic adjustment of irrigation schedules by updating the weather (forecast and actual) and does not require rain or soil moisture sensor

2. Irrigation schedules can be customized depending on the vegetation and the type of landscape.

3. Be able to use a smartphone, computer or tablet to control and monitor and also have controls on the device for maintenance.

4. When the Internet connection is temporarily interrupted, the sprayer should continue to work.

5. Supports irrigation of at least eight irrigation zones (preferably 12 or more).

6. It supports integration with other smart home products and systems such as Google assistant or amazon alexa.

7. Optional: waterproof case.

In a progressive technological age, we have a large number of electronic gadgets at our fingertips. Now gardening enthusiasts have the latest gardening gadget, the super smart water sprinkler controller. The sprinkler controller not only makes sure your grass and plants are well watered with just the right amount of water, but this digital wonder can do so much more:

Monitor and also control water usage from the controller or from a smartphone, tablet or computer
Plan a custom irrigation scheduling system for different yard areas, for 4, 6 or 12 zones
A wide range of water and irrigation programming possibilities
Calculate the intensity of water irrigation to maximize lawn growth
Save money on your water bill
Gives you control over your irrigation needs from anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi
Provides a custom water scheduling system that fits your lawn and garden
Displays information about climate, drought and irrigation
Offers advanced water-saving technologies through weather forecasts and historical statistics
On-demand access to accurate weather reports from National Weather services like NOAA or international services like MetNo, and also WUnderground
Expert installation is available
Technical support online or by phone

There are many different types of sprinkler controllers. In order to be able to choose the right one for your lifestyle and gardening, consider these three questions.

What is the size of your lawn or garden, small, medium or large?
Are you tech savvy and also like to have a lot of tech magic on demand, or do you prefer a simpler device?
How much Are you willing to spend on a sprinkler controller?

Sprinkler controllers have different zones or stations. A zone is an irrigation area that is covered by a single irrigation valve. These irrigation experts can control 6, 8 or 12 different zones. If you have a small or medium property, a 6-zone sprinkler controller will do just fine. Larger properties will benefit from an 8-or 12-zone controller device.

While many of us would be lost without our smartphones or tablets, some people are not as tech savvy. They prefer a more simplistic approach to their lifestyles and also to the tools that grow a garden.

Sprinkler controllers range from basic models like the easy-to-set Rain Bird Sst600i indoor timer. It has an easy-to-configure control panel and basic programming functions for 6 zones. The Hunter Sprinkler XC600i X-Core Indoor Controller Timer also has basic programs and easy-to-read buttons. However, you can synchronize irrigation times with local weather data.

While these devices have limited technology, programming options and functions, they are still a great choice for keeping your lawn and garden well watered.

If you love your high-tech devices and want to access your sprinkler programs from anywhere, at home or around the world via Wi-Fi connectivity, on your smartphone or tablet, and have additional features like on-demand daily weather reports or wireless voice activation, the Netro Smart Sprinkler Controller features state-of-the-art hardware and software.

Or the Orbit 57950 B-Hyve 12-Zone indoor/outdoor sprinkler intelligent controller, which is a first-line sprinkler and irrigation system.

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