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Best iPad Pro Case

This is what we look for in a great iPad Pro case:

Protection: the case should cover the corners of the iPad and protect as many edges as possible from scratches, as well as defend the shiny metal bits that abrasive surfaces can scratch.
Front cover: the case must include a front cover that reliably activates the iPad’s magnetic sleep / wake function when opened or closed, and will not scroll when closed. The cover should also remain closed when you are not using the tablet.
Stand: the housing should provide some kind of stable stand that supports vertical viewing and a lower angle position for writing.
Apple Pencil support: the second-generation Apple Pencil magnetically attaches to the right edge of the iPad Pro-that’s how it syncs and charges. We ruled out any cases that did not allow this connection.
Size: the case should be discreet: it should add little weight and not prevent the tablet from being easy to hold with one hand while touching and sliding.
Button coverage: we prefer cases that cover the side buttons of the tablet, but since this feature is not especially common, we do not consider it a requirement. (Since the buttons are usually recessed from the outer surface of the case, the lack of full coverage of the buttons is not a breaking factor in terms of protection.)
Once we had narrowed down a list of competitors, we tested each on both iPad Pro sizes, checking for fit and function.

The best iPad case depends on several factors, including your travel needs, how you use your device, and your style preferences. A durable iPad case is very desirable for anyone traveling with a tablet, whether it’s daily travel or overseas adventures.

We’ve rounded up our top choices for iPad cases in 2021 based on their overall value, protection, waterproofing, and extras like a built-in keyboard.

What to look for in an iPad case

Choosing the best iPad case comes down to personal use and preference. Consider how you normally use your iPad or how you plan to use it in the future.

Where do you plan to take it? Who else will use it? How much protection do you need? Need a separate keyboard? Will there be small children nearby?

If you only use your iPad case at home or at work, you probably don’t need a ten-foot drop-proof case. You may also not want a larger, bulky waterproof case. On the other hand, if you are prone to spills and accidents by chance, a durable case like this may be exactly what you need.

When choosing an iPad case for long-term travel, consider its suitability for outdoor adventures and rough treatment, but do not forget about the additional size and weight that comes with it.

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